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Realizing the Dream of Homeownership

When you buy your first home, you’re not just making an investment that will pay off years down the road. You’re making an investment that will pay off the moment your kids first walk in the door and say, “We’re home.”

Since 1975, MFA has helped more than 65,000 low- and moderate-income New Mexicans become homeowners. Why not see if you could achieve the dream of homeownership, too? 

First, go to the “Buying a Home” link in the menu bar to the left. The information will help you decide if you are ready to own a home and determine if you qualify for our programs.

Then go to the "Mortgage Programs" link to see which MFA programs would help you the most. You can choose from a variety of low interest rates and closing cost assistance packages.

Finally, don't worry if it all seems a little confusing. Just go to the "Find a Participating Lender" link and choose a lender to walk you through the process of getting a home loan that you can afford. All of the lenders on this list are familiar with MFA programs and are eager to assist you. You can also contact one of MFA's homeownership representatives at (505) 843-6881.

When you buy your first home, you’re not just taking the next logical step in the game of life. You're taking your first step through the door that will welcome every person most important to you - even those you haven't met yet. Enjoy the journey!

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Mortgage Calculator

Use a mortgage calculator to find out what price home you can afford using a FHA or Conventional loan and how much your payments will be. 

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