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Contributions for Affordable Housing

When you make a donation to the New Mexico Affordable Housing Charitable Trust, you help provide affordable housing in our state AND you get a state tax credit equal to 50 percent of your donation. You can also claim your Charitable Trust donation on your federal tax return for an additional tax savings. Donations help provide quality affordable housing to some of our state's most vulnerable families and individuals.

How do I donate and get my tax credit?

It’s as easy as writing a check and filling out one simple form. There is no application required. You can also donate through United Way, but you will still need to fill out a form.

Step 1: Make a check payable to the NM Affordable Housing Charitable Trust c/o MFA.

Step 2: Complete a New Mexico Affordable Housing Tax Credit investment voucher form.

Step 3: Send the check and completed investment voucher form to:
      MFA - Charitable Trust
      344 Fourth St. SW
      Albuquerque, NM 87102
MFA will complete its portion of the investment voucher form and return a copy to you along with filing instructions.

Step 4: Claim your tax credit by completing Affordable Housing Tax Credit Claim Form RPD-41301 and attaching it to your state income tax return. The Affordable Housing Tax Credit Claim Form RPD-41301 can be obtained from the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department at:

You can also ask your financial or tax advisor about donating to the trust.

Where does my donation go?

MFA is a self-supporting quasi-governmental agency that has provided quality affordable housing opportunities for New Mexicans for 45 years. MFA provides a variety of housing services including home rehabilitation and weatherization, homelessness assistance and prevention, transitional housing, rental assistance and funding to build affordable homes throughout the state.

The New Mexico Affordable Housing Charitable Trust is a qualified 501(c)(3) organization that is administered by MFA. Every penny of your donation goes into the trust – there are no administrative costs involved.

How will my donation be used?

All donations made to the Charitable Trust will be used to provide decent, quality affordable housing for low- to moderate-income working families, seniors, people transitioning out of homelessness and individuals with disabilities. In addition, MFA will leverage your donation several times over, multiplying the amount of your original contribution.

Why is affordable housing important?

At 20 percent, New Mexico’s poverty rate is the second highest in the nation, and its incomes are among the lowest. More than one-third of New Mexico households are considered cost-burdened and spend more than 30 percent of their incomes just to keep a roof over their heads. Nearly half of those households spend more than 50 percent of their income on housing costs. Eventually, 17,000 New Mexicans will find themselves homeless for at least part of a year.

Providing safe, quality housing that families can afford over the long-term results in healthier families and more stable communities.

About the tax credits

• Tax credits may be used to offset New Mexico income tax, gross receipts tax, compensating tax and withholding taxes (excluding local option gross receipts tax imposed by a municipality or county, or the government gross receipts tax.) 

• Tax credits may be carried forward for five years. 

• Tax credits may be sold or otherwise transferred one time and can be divided among numerous transferees. 

• There is no amount of credit that must be used in a given year.

• Donations are eligible for the charitable deduction from federal taxes

New Mexico Affordable Housing Charitable Trust Brochure

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