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Housing Plans

Under the Federal Regulations, the MFA is required to have a Fair Housing Plan, a Section 3 Plan, and a Limited English Proficiency Plan. The plans detail the activities that MFA will undertake to comply with the applicable regulations. All three of these plans must be reviewed and adopted on an annual basis. 

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MFA Fair Housing

This document provides guidance in complying with laws that ensure equal access to housing. The plan, which is typically approved annually during Fair Housing Month (April), commits MFA to the following activities:

  1. preparation of Public Service Announcements for local radio/TV or newspapers;
  2. dissemination of fair housing information;
  3. inclusion of the Fair Housing logo in printed materials; and
  4. the production of an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice.

MFA Section 3 Plan

This plan promotes the use of small local businesses and the hiring of low income residents of the community. The plan, which is approved annually, commits MFA to the following activities:

  1. outreach to low income neighborhoods when hiring, contracting or procuring materials and equipment;
  2. maintenance of a list businesses, suppliers and contractors located in low-income neighborhoods; and
  3. hiring preferences when all factors are equal.

MFA Limited English Proficiency Plan

This plan ensures persons with Limited English Proficiency have access to all MFA programs. The plan, which is approved annually, commits MFA to the following activities:

  1. access to interpreter services or bilingual staff; and
  2. translation of “designated vital documents” into Spanish within the next calendar year.
Housing Library

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Affordable Housing Act and Plans

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MFA Resources

Donate to MFA's Affordable Housing Charitable Trust and receive generous tax credits.

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MFA's Housing Services Directory has listings for housing professionals across the state.

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Request up to two copies of MFA's Housing Services Directory at no charge.

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